It's the little imperfections, the sudden change in plans.
When i misread directions, lost but still we're holdin' hands
I live for little moments like that;


Birthday: 12th March'89
Faith Communist Baptist Church
Passion: Dance and Design

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Monday, August 10, 2009,

ive moved!

see you!

Saturday, August 08, 2009,

am gonna change my blog to wordpress (: will be away for a while from this website but post the new link up.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009,

this dance is too good to be true!

Sunday, July 26, 2009,

At home watching liverpool vs singapore match, i am toadally right. 5-0 (:
today platform service is awesome! Went to grandma's for dinner! was too tired after dance that i fell asleep for 2 hrs before mommy, rayner and ervin came over.
loves <3
thank God for a wonderful day.
おやすみ!わたしわ あきました.^^

Saturday, July 25, 2009,

aloha~ island visitors!

been really busy. just got back my laptop actually! lots of updates and all. so what are all my friends busy with after graduation? mmm.
anyway take this quiz on face book on how well you know me:

quiz 1:
quiz 2:


i love you man(:
Wednesday, July 01, 2009,

we were at the Cathay, catching "I love you man." whats with that cheeky grin! got tickets before transformers, the revenge of the fallen was even shown! reception was good and all; the movie is fantastic! i must say its one good movie to watch cause this year's productions are not outstanding! just cant get over the fact that Megan Fox has to do boobs surgery to be a B cup and botox to make her look older?! but she has such nice mesmerizing blue eyes(: loves*
just lyke this pair of stockings, nothing much;
yes i was fat!! stop staring at my ezlink card! but thanks baby for getting me the winnie the pooh card sticker to cover it!(:
was viewing fcbc's website and i saw this so i print screen it(: lyke how the way the picture was cross over by the people. shall head over to print the designs this saturday! and going to invest on sewing machines too(: yes, im gonna be a housewife;

Friday, June 26, 2009,

somehow or rather i thank God for everything(:
even for giving me the strength to go thru' everything and handle everything myself altogether!
i realised the true meaning of commitment, trust and responsibility. thank God for Ervin, for Grace, for Regina.. i am motivated and able to solve difficulties by their encouragement.
Praise God!
will be sending my designs for printing. stay tune* ^^
for bookmarks and cards; posting up the link once it is done.
realised the world is becoming so money driven as well. look at the people constantly trapped in financial debt. The person whom is richest tends to be the poorest. Just look at Victoria Beckhams, trying all means to hold back David. Her effort in reducing her Double-Ds to her B cub. sometimes cherishing and doing things for the moment is the best. cause youknow you only live once(:
shall zoom to finish Emelyn's webbie.


Memorable dance camp; (:
Monday, June 22, 2009,

but im lyke a vase, filled to the brim with happiness and satisfaction*
been busy with children dance camp for 4 days and I must say this is really a precious and priceless experience for me. The kids' innocence and their child-lyke faith just touched my heart and i thank God for each and every single one of them for they each have an individual talent;
-from breakdancing, hiphop, ballet, carrying out routines, free worship dance-
indeed im being well-ministered.
would also lyke to thank all the facilitators and logistics helper to make this camp such a wonderful and unique one. from the daily temperature takings, to the food, dance sessions, reflections and all.. everyone is lyke a big and awesome family(:

was walking back home to buy sushi from imm for dinner. spotted this little indian girl crying out of nowhere outside of the building. Parents walked past and smokers were just merely enjoying their puff while this poor girl was so close to the road! Thank God I found her mom after walking rounds in imm.Seriously, people shouldnt be that ignorant right? too much of being in their comfort zone? it upsets me because if you were to put yourself into her shoes when you were young, how would you feel??

with love,

Buy a shirt now!
Thursday, June 11, 2009,

my contribution in my big ikea bag:D Go Tee"! Flea Market
Starts at: 14th June 2009, 12:00pm
Ends at: 14th June 2009, 7:30pm
Location: Cats Socrates (#03-39 Bras Basah Complex)
The weather's getting really hot! Wanna wear something comfy like a Graphic Tee? Why not!!Get one this summer at Catsocrates!* Brands lyke Topman, U2 and etc.
200 to 300 over tshirts for sale* shoes as well.
I am also selling my fair share of clothings. such as girl tops and dresses and i didnt and hardly wore them!
price ranging from 2-15 bucks.(:

♥ We hope to see you! ♥

lets bling it up!
Monday, June 08, 2009,

did my nails myself(: am proud of them. one of my sisters went to Korea and guess what. everything there is so cheap and affordable. Just lyke a $6.90 glitter nail polish ive been buying from Faceshop, its only $2 over there. Lyke wise to the eye masks i asked her to buy. Loves~
saw this article. this mixture of different celebrities "look" doesnt seemed to appeal to me. basically, it still looks lyke fiona xie! just a more plastic surgery feel after the photoshop done on it. (: work is pretty fine today. pretty quiet monday~ met up with Ervin and had dinner. Someone's left with one week of army. <3
Watch this "Lars and the real girl". Its this guy having dellusions and is in love with this doll he bought from the internet. Another nice show after "A beautiful mind".(: The full version is on youtube. Enjoy~